Konwenty Południowe - Calendars and plans - Date of the fourth edition of Warsaw Comic Con unveiled!

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It's been barely hours since the third edition of Warsaw Comic-Con ended. The helpers are currently cleaning the Expo halls, helping the leaving guests, taking apart the workstations that have been so overused during these last three days, and, all in all, making sure that the third edition of this pop culture adventure comes to a safe and satisfying close. Where one thing ends, the another begins, and so as of today we have an official date set for the fourth edition of Warsaw Comic Con!

The previously mentioned convention will take place from 26.10.2018 to 28.10.2018, and, as of right now, nothing seems to say that the event will be changing its location anytime soon - come in October, we will be walking in the familiar halls of the Ptak Warsaw Expo.

There is a bit of confusion being caused by the official event page that went live on Facebook a moment ago. According to the information published there, the convention would be supposed to start on 25th. However, our editorial team is sure that they have received correct info on the happening's beginning date, and it is confirmed by both the official announcement and the graphic, published below.

In the light of these revelations, we suggest you all to start looking into free weekends, rescheduling the mandatory family visits and taking sick leaves, because, with all our hearts, we hope to see you this fall in Nadarzyn!

banner IV Warsaw Comic Con