Konwenty Południowe - Pyrkon 2018 – regulations for the use of accommodation facilities

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If you heard about the changes in the regulations for the use of accommodation on the premises of Pyrkon, do not worry – the rules remain the same, save for small details. Regulations have never been formalized into one document, that is why, along with its public appearance on the Pyrkonowicze group, we decided to present you its content.

The regulations are similar to those that appear at other festivals and conventions. The most important is a proper, non-intrusive behavior of participants, good manners, and localization of a place of accommodation – people who stay overnight should head to hall no. 3 (ground floor) and 3A (ground floor + mezzanine). Regulations also talk about objects that are banned inside the sleeping hall, i.e. tents, household appliances and animals. It is also forbidden to bring and drink alcohol through the entire festival. There is also an absolute ban on bringing and drinking alcohol on the premises of the entire festival.

In the post published on Facebook organizers also inform, that halls will be divided into sectors, to which participants of the festival will be admitted in controlled quantities. Only after filling one of the sectors, the next one will be opened. Organisers also inform that one person may occupy one place within the sleeping room – “saving” places for friends will not be allowed.

As you can see, the changes are small. However, we can’t help but wonder how volunteers and organizers want to control the number of people entering and leaving the sleeping area, and if they also will take only one place.
The full list of accommodation regulations can be found here.

Enjoy the reading!

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