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Mokon 4 - December
Mokon 4 by Luna Mokon 4 by Gac

Snowdrop - December
Snowdrop by Nane Snowdrop by Alchelor

X-Mas Time - December
X-Mas Time by Luna

B-XmassCon 4 - November
B-XmassCon 4 by Marcus

Imladris: Powrót XII Weekend z Fantastyką - November
Imladris by Luna Imladris by Alchelor

Bebok - November
Bebok by Alchelor

Tsuru: Japan Festival - October
Tsuru Japan Festival by Koń Tsuru Japan Festiwal by Ichri Tsuru Japan Festiwal by Marcus

Pumpkin Con - October
Pumpkin Con by Eliza

Japanicon 4 - October
Japanicon 4 by Ichri

Fantasy Expo - October
Fantasy Expo by Ichri

Piascon - September

Asucon XIV - September
Asucon XIV by Marcus Asucon XIV by Iya Asucon XIV by Iya

B5 - Solution - August
B5 - Solution by Alchelor B5 - Solution by Alchelor B5 - Solution by Ichri B5 - Solution by Marcus

Krakon - July
Krakon by Marcus Krakon by Marcus

Balcon: Animachina - July
Balcon: Animachina by Ichri Balcon: Animachina by Marcus Balcon: Animachina by Marcus Balcon: Animachina by Iya

Magnificon Expo XI - May
Magnificon Expo XI by Ichri Magnificon Expo XI by Marcus

Tsuru: One Day Event - March
Tsuru: One Day Event by Ichri

Love 4 - March
Love 4 by Ichri

Double Back II - February
Doble Back II by Marcus