What are “cookies”?

“Cookies” are small files that register the User’s activity online. They make navigating the websites easier, and enable a multitude additional functions for the User, as they recognize their device and create a web page specifically catered to their personal preferences.

Turning them off might cause the website to work correctly and even wall off some of the most important functions.

What type of cookie files do we use, and in what way?

  • Single Session Cookie Files
  • Cookie files allowing to remember specific choices made by the User and used, for example, to log in. They stay in their device until they log out or close the browser.
  • Cookie Files Used For Analysis
  • Cookie files that allow us to collect data connected to the way the website is used, including what the User clicks while using the page that allow us to improve the inner workings and the structure of the service.

Deleting The Cookie Files

Every type of browser offers a way of either blocking or deleting cookie files. More information about cookie management can be found under the browser specific links below.

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome