Konwenty Południowe - Cosplayer - Tawii

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Nick: Tawii Szöllösy
Fanpage: Tawii Szöllösy
Polish Version: Click Here

Niseko: So tell me Tawii, why actually cosplay? And how it is begin?

Tawii: I have many reasons which keep me doing this hobby, but the most important one is that I just love bringing my most beloved characters to "life" by my own hands. It's amazing feeling of my dreamed "Wonderland" I have since February 2013. On this date I tried cosplay for first. It was Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (OVA) - Ciel In Wonderland. I liked this anime and specially Ciel's character. The reason why I've decided to definitely do it was also a fact that my most beloved story is 'Alice in Wonderland'.
When those facts were put together, it was a sign to start.

N: I must say reading 'bringing characters to life' made me go 'aww' :) That's very important to make your dreams come true. Tawii, which character, from those already acted out by you, you like the most?

T: To be honest (and everybody knows it) it's Kagamine Len for his very special voice <3

N: So now we are going deeper into this character. How much time did you need to create this cosplay? And what sort of materials did you use to make it?

T: Well, this will be hard to answer, because I did 21 versions of him. :) And right now I'm very slowly working on his 22th version (an voice update to software VOCALOID4 > V4X).
The time and material depends of module I choose.
It's between 10 hours to 14 days with cost between approx 1500 CZK to 15 000 CZK. (~600 USD)

N: 21 versions?! Really? You are my goddess now. You are the first cosplayer that I know of which made that much updates! Can you describe with details(but not too much details) one of modules? Me and probably your fans are curious about from what did you made those gorgeous cosplays?

T: Aaaa~ Oh, This will be hard to choose which one I should describe. :o Could you help me a bit? *u*

N: I like number 15. Maybe you can focus on it?

T: N° 15 is an Append version. :)
Is it okey with you? :o

N: Yeah ^^ okay okay

T: So, this version took me about 5 days to make (including the shoes, wig, props, sewing, everything :D) I remember the cost was about 2500 CZK. For sewing part I choose kind of matte satin. Append version is bright, but not too much to choose typical satin which has too much shine.
I think those details are really important (and also a bit expensive to focus on :) ). For the haberdashery accessories I decided to work with typical satin - ribbons, deburring strips, etc. It's because those parts are really bright.
Top is sewed as a pattern of typical bodysuit - if you know - like body. I wanted to make sure it fit and the slit (on belly) was in place. It has 5 parts because of it. It has zipper closure at the mid front and crotch closing on patterns :) Sounds funny, but it's the only way to make it hold everything in place. Shorts also have divided parts - 8 parts with hidden zipper closure on the side.

N: That's a lot of work.

T: For real this was the easiest part. :)
I was thinking a lot about the bright hand sleeves, because they're turning from black into transparent. So I figured out the classic plastic tablecloth will be good for this :) I painted the gold pattern on it and then used a black colour spray for it. Then I just sewed the white gloves under those hand sleeves and it was done.
The accessories were mostly made from moosgummi and fimo.
I'll add all of my sketches I've done during making this costume :)

N: I see you are soo hard-working person. Now I see why many polish cosplayers appreciate you for what you've done. Tell me what inspires you to create all those cosplays and characters connected with them?

T: I don't like being a lazy potato, so I'm trying hard to be a bit working potato :) But truly, to be honest I'm really happy somebody is appreciating my work. :) It gives me more power to keep on improving myself. I'd be nothing without all of you ^.^ Of course the appearance matters a bit, but it's not as important as the character for me.

N: Four weeks ago you were on our event Tsuru Japan Festival. How do you remember it? Do you like Poland and polish cosplayers?

T: Yes, Tsuru~ Poland is beautiful. This was my second convention here and I don't regret anything. (My first was Fotocon in Wleń.) Both of these conventions were organized at awesome places by awesome people.
I have to say I love every cosplayer who keeps on doing it by their own heart. I was so happy when I saw Rin & Len Magnet cosplayers here and also a cosplay group of Touken Ranbu. I don't know this anime, but they had awesome details on their costumes. I was so amazed to see their love put into the cosplays.

N: So thank you for that interview and all those answers. It was pleasure to talk with you and see you soon on next con event !

T: Whoah~ Hope to meet you and talk to you personally as soon as possible. You're so nice person ^u^ Thank you ! ! ! <3