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Name: Piotr Quell
Nick: Quellu
Age: 24
Fanpage: Quell Crafts
City: Poznań

Timantin: Hello! This time our guest is... Quell Crafts! We are glad that you have agreed for this interview. Can you tell us something about you?

Quell: Hello, pleasure is mine. My name is Piotr Quell, I used to paint, but presently I am studying sculpture. I am a huge fan of Middle Earth, a geek gamer and cosplayer. I've been into cosplay since the January 2005 and since then it’s what I keep doing somehow… *laugh*

T: How your interest in cosplay has started? Similar interests? Your friends? University? Or maybe just as an accident?

Q: I remember that it has begun on the first convent I vane been to. It was Pyrkon 2014. I was pretty tired with finishing my diploma paper and studying for my matura exam. My fiancée came up with an idea of some kind of the trip we could go for. My friend told us about Pyrkon. Without much thought we gathered d a pack of friends and off we went. It was magical; the atmosphere and all of this people with similar interests. After seeing the Masquerade, I thought I want to be part of it. Once all the exams were passed I was celebrating with my friends, I thought that I want to do something, but I didn’t know what. Finally, we decided on helmets. We started our work in an instant. The results obviously we not the best but back then I decided that Once I will get to the university I will make my first cosplay.

T: What have you prepared for your debut at/ during the Masquerade?

Q: Erebor guard armor. As a fan of Tolkien's works and outstanding creations of Weta Studio, I couldn't make any other choice. Also, back then Hobbit has his movie premiere, so more reasons for making the cosplay inspired by Tolkien's works.

T: Wonderful! It just shows that you are driven by your passion. Not everyone makes decisions based on these criteria. Have you encountered any difficulties while you were making your cosplay? If not, what was the hardest part of this specific costume?

Q: The difficulties… Hmn, due to the fact that when I was modeler, it wasn’t that hard at all. Looking back I was very nervous about measurements and transferring the scale, so everything were well fitted/ adjusted. Both measurements and calculations were the most time-consuming part. The Dwarf’s breastplate is very geometrical, So I wanted everything to be perfect. The biggest problem was the choice of right materials. At first I was considering papier-mache, but I knew it would be fragile. Then I started making research on the materials used by real cosplayers. That is how I learned about other cosplayers’ works; i.e. The Shappi Workshop. The fact that she was one of the judges that appreciated but also handed me the award for the best cosplay during the 2015’s Masquerade. I have never been prouder of myself.

T: Congratulations! What did you felt when you were standing in front of so any people who appreciated your work?

Q: It was marvellous magical, exceptional. I could go on like this for a while, and still I couldn’t express how I really feel on the stage. Every time I look at this award on my shelf m hart is filled with pride. I was tired, hungry, (heh), confused, surprised, but mostly Happy! I never thought that so many people will like my work.

T: Is this event is your favorite or just the most memorable?

Q: Despite seeing many festivals, convents or other mass events Pyrkon is definitely my favorite. It was my first and the best event I have ever been on.

T: What about the costumes and other props? Which of them is the most memorable, and makes you the proudest?

Q: I think every costume have taught me something. The dwarf showed me how to work with EVA foam, the Vesimir taught me how to saw and how to weave the hauberk. While I was making Ivan (Heroes might and magic) I was using the Worbla thermoplastic materials and the sword was moulded in resin — It was quite the challenge. The costume of Ragnar L I have learned the basics of Leatherwork and I made the shield just as the historical reconstructors do. My Dovakiin has allowed me to learn many techniques of metal work. It was quite the challenge; moulding, polishing, heh, I thought that resin was hard to polish. So, going back to your question it is the Dovakiin costume that makes me feel the proudest.

T: I have to admit that Dovakiin is also my favorite cosplay in your collection. Do you plan to wear it during any future events? Or is it too early for this kind of questions?

Q: Not at all I will definitely wear it at Pyrkon. And If I make it I also bring another big project.

T: Can you tell us more about your recent project?

Q: Of course! It is no secret at all. Presently I'm going back to my roots and I decided to make a costume of this one Dark lord of Darkness that owns a beautiful gold ring. I already decided that during this project I will also learn new techniques. Part of the work will be done with 3D printer. It is not the only project, because I’m also finishing my Jirogi costume from Naruto, however it is almost done, so I do not consider it as a new project anymore.

T: It looks like you also incorporate your love to fantasy fiction, art and other things, right?

Q: Yes, definitely. Self-development is very important to me, so every time I do something new I tend to set my limits high. I love what I do. I just hope I can finish this on time because finishing touches can be time-consuming.

T: The is no other option. We will watch carefully your preparations. Tell us, is there someone whose work inspire you?

Q: I already mentioned that the main source of my inspiration is Weta Studio. Since I was a kid, I was impressed by their scenography. When collectible Lord of The Rings figurines were on sale, I started to make my own models and dummies for them. Scenography and costumes made for latter productions, i.e. surprised me with attention to detail. As for cosplay I think my two favorite are Shappi Workshop and Lightning Cosplay. Shappi was my first cosplay inspiration and her tutorials showed me how to work with foam and how to mould gems. Today it is quite obvious, but back then it was very helpful. She is such a nice person. Lightning Cosplay is the first foreign cosplayer that showed me how important is the choice of the right material, and how it's choice and the range of different techniques of work. I am still surprised by her attention to detail and professionalism.

T: What are your favorite techniques?

Q: I definitely prefer all kinds of moulding. I really enjoy creating the shape from the scratches. Moulding gives me satisfaction because I do something firm and lasting. The parts created from foam are very light and easy to manipulate, but also very fragile. Usually I tend to choose the technique that fits best to given element.

T: It's amazing! Tell us how you manage to jungle with your passion and your private life? Don't you suffer from the lack of time or pressure?

Q: Heh… Lack of time does not really fit here. I do my best to find the time for both, but sometimes it's hard. Weekends are the best. I just grab the foam or something and I do what I have to do. Unfortunately the pressure is the only constant. Time flies and when other urgent matters pop up I tend to wonder if I'm allowed to sleep.

T: Not only you are allowed to, but you must. *laugh* As we can see there is nothing that could bring you down. You are just drawn to new challenges and you are glad to take them on. Tell us, do you as an artist and cosplayer, have any dreams? Is there something you still want to achieve?

Q: Everyone has their little dreams, so do I. As an artist and cosplayer I dream that as many people as possible to see my work. Maybe one day I will be the one who inspire others. Who knows? It would be nice.

T: I believe that you will. However, do you have any dream that still awaits to be fulfilled?

Q: I was always inspired by Japanese culture, and I want to visit Japan. Especially Nagasaki, Tokyo and obviously Kyoto. I want to see it's both traditional and contemporary side.

T: We all wish you that your dreams will come true. Thank you for this wonderful and passionate conversation. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Q: Everyone has their own start in life. If somebody ever told me what will become of my passion to fantasy fiction in the next 15 years, I would never believe them. The most important is to keep working and do not stop under any circumstances, and it will surely become a wonderful adventure.