Konwenty Południowe - Interview: Hall of Fame: Ruki and Glon Cosplay

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Nick: Ruki oraz Glon 
Fanpage: GlonCosplayRuki no Cosplay
City: Lublin/Poznań
interview.pngToday, after a long time, we return to interviews, and we start with impetus, because we have a duo: Ruki and Glon. Hello girls!

Glon: Hi!
Ruki: Hello!

D: Tell me: you knew each other before you started doing cosplay? How long have you been a cosplay couple?

G: I'm not good on dates, so I leave this question for Ruks. *laugh* But we know each really long.
R: Our friendship has been going on for seven years. It's been quite a long time, so I'm glad that we can continue to do so. The adventure with cosplay began about four years ago. We share certain passions and both of us started to be interested in cosplay. Then cosplaying become second nature to we and we wanted more and more.

D: More as a habit or addiction?

R: I'm not entirely sure if this can be considered a kind of habit, but cosplaying is a very relaxing activity for me. I can't imagine my reality without sewing.
G: In total, neither one nor the other. We never tried to make costumes „for power”, only more for ourselves. Because it makes us happy, especially when we can reconstruct a costume from a theater or a favourite musical, so we treat it more as – how should I say – relaxing after the hardships of everyday life. *smile*

D: This can't be hidden, your outfits are stunning both when it comes to choice and attention to detail. You can see that you try to do them one hundred percent, but why theater and musicals? Could the creations from MMORPG or anime not be so demanding?

R: Hmm, I don't have anything to anime, on the contrary - I like a lot of manga and anime costumes. However, from an early age, I interested in theater.Personally, I've never had the opportunity to go any further in this direction, so sewing allowed me to have at least some substitute. In addition, theatrical costumes are a combination of quite sophisticated materials with beautiful details, and I can't resist it completely. Probably even to the point that I also infected Glonik with love for theater and musicals.
G: Thank you for the kind words! At the very beginning there were manga and anime costumes, that is, just like almost everyone begins, and later such an impression appears: "Damn, we need something more interesting". So Ruki said then: "Let's make uniforms from the >> Rose of Versailles <<". And that's how our adventure with costumes from theaters began. As for the rest of the costumes (manga / anime), I have that they are too simple for me, I prefer to "tinker" something with cosplay. I like to combine and think about the project. Just the longer I make the outfit from what I love, the later I have more pleasure in applying it. *smile* It is a pity that you don't see me in the day of finishing the outfit in one hundred percent. I'm full of energy, despite my sleepless nights, by sewing on the buttons.

D: You are one of the few cosplayers I know who actually "go" very much in quality outfit that can not be done in a week. You care about details such as arranging a pattern on a material that is not simple, like zebra stripes, beads, ribbons and lace - this is what you mostly associate with. Have you ever thought about recreating costumes?

R: I have thought about it a few times, but when I look at my work, I'm not sure if my skills are enough. I'm very strict with myself and I think I should work a little more to be better at what I do.
G: For example, I love details, I could buy half a warehouse of materials to outfit at once, but… Ruki always stands by me and tries to support me in this selection of colors of trimmings, ribbons, etc. Sometimes I like different things, but not necessarily matching the outfit, so here comes the helping hand called Ruki. *laugh* But I can't always let go. As for the reproduction of costumes: well, it would be nice, but I'm not after any tailoring school, I’m self-taught who learns from my mistakes while sewing, and there I need certificates of qualifications. So the only thing I can now enjoy is the reconstruction of clothes for myself.

D: We are all self-taught who after a while went to a course or to a proper school. However, it absolutely doesn't degrade your dignity and doesn't capture your abilities. How much does it cost you such pleasure and relaxation? Is it possible to count in thousands of zlotys?

R: As for me, I'm very strict about the creations I create. I'm happy when someone praises it, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm not always proud of myself. If I see any details on the original, it should be in my costumes, my last costumes absorbed about 1500-2000 PLN.
G: *laught* I stopped counting, really. After reconstruction André came to the conclusion that buying something separately isn't viable. Plus you have to go to the store a million times, because, for example, you will run out of these unfortunate ten centimeters of decorative tape. So I started to buy wholesale quantities, which is cheaper and we have a reserve that we can use later. The cost is over 1000 PLN minimally … sometimes they are tapes, trimmings, sequins, etc. But it also costs us a lot of time and patience. *laught*

D: With such outfits, nothing but rides on eliminations, right?

R: I would like very much and now I'm slowly starting to move in this direction, but unfortunately costumes from the theater or musicals in most of the eliminations aren't acceptable. As for the elimination, as far as I know, only ICL accepts such creations. Unfortunately, this sad message is here - the costumes from the musical / theater aren't admitted to the competition. In total, it also depends on which eliminations it is about. That is why I almost never perform. The last time I was on the cosplay stage in 2016. In 2017, we wanted to put Maria and Fersen on the ECG, but it turned out that we can not, so a few tears appeared in the eyes.

D: It's too bad. Do you know the reasons why such costumes aren't accepted?

G: From what I remember, I heard that costumes from the theater are the director's vision, which is why they are considered as their own project. But I'm not so sure about one hundred percent, I would have to dig into the depths of hell to say exactly what wasn't playing. *laught* Still, it is a pity that they aren't allowed because they are really beautiful. They don't know what they are losing. *whisper*

D: How does it look when choosing a costume? What do you take into account? Together you are discussing something or is it rather one of you making decisions? Clothes are you doing to steam?

G: There are debates first. At the beginning or at the end of the year, we discuss what we want to do, what clothes and how much, but by the costs involved it is usually two, sometimes one costume. We take into account everything: growth, construction and the advantages we have. Sometimes, Ruki makes a decision, and later I have such "Hey, I also WANT! God, this jacquard! ". And so it ends. *laught* Sometimes it happens that it spins a nose, but still we have fun. The costumes are usually a pair, there is always a connection between the characters - lovers, family or subordinates, otherwise our cosplayes wouldn’t make sense.  That's why I usually make tall men, and Ruki is a cute princess looking for a prince on a white horse. *laught*
R: I must admit that it is unfortunately very often my fault. *laught* As I delight in a certain performance or specific costumes, it happens that I am persuading Glonik to some specific pair. The outfits are usually up to a pair, but as you can see, this year's ball was a great example that they do not always have to be compact, but they usually are.

D: Who were you at this year's ball?

R: At this year's ball we had the pleasure of playing André and Hizaki. André's costume comes from the performance "Rose Versailles" from our beloved theater Takarazuka, and Hizaki is a Jrock princess. I have a weakness for detailed costumes. From the very beginning, the band was based on an eighteenth-century style, which is why both André and Hizaki fit together.

D: Always, but it's always the kind of outfit you dream about at night, through him, you can't eat, you can't think. Which cosplay was the height of your dreams, nirvana and the tip of Everest?

R: Hmm… all in all now I'm not sure. After doing Hizaki, I know that I would like to recreate more of his dresses. *laught* But if you think about it, I'd like to do cosplay Empress Elisabeth. The true story of Sisi in my opinion is very interesting, and her dresses in the musical reconstructed on the basis of real portraits are really stunning, so I think it would be my little dream. *smile*
G: In total, I do not have such a costume that torments me in my dreams, although recently I found a historical outfit and there is what I love, i.e. a jacquard, some decorative ornaments, a headgear. God, finally props and the character that I always wanted to do, i.e.  executioner. I know it's an unusual whim to make an eighteenth-century French executioner, but I always pay special attention to actors who play a this role in every performance that I watch. Magee as an executioner will always be in my heart. *laught* Well, I still have the last costume of death with Elisabeth in my heart, but I know that three-meter plume would kill me and my cosplay wallet.

D: Let's jump to the other side. Which of the costumes made is the least liked?

G: I don't think there are any disliked cosplay outfit in my wardrobe. I love all, but exist uncomfortable, which I founded only twice, per session and one convent. In the first place is Kunzite from "Sailor Moon". Sheet in costumes are a necessary evil, especially those that "magically" stick to the whole…
R: To be honest, Lady Oscar is the least-liked costume. It was one of my first more complex costumes, that's why now, when I look at it, I know that I could change many things in it, from wigs to the construction itself. "Lady Oscar" is my favorite manga, and the character is really extraordinary for me, that's why I would like to make this outfit again, this time correctly.

D: Ruki, will you do it?

R: Honestly, I don't know. I would like to, but I'm not sure when I will decide about it. *laugh*

D: Let's get back to contests for a moment. This year, unfortunately, it failed, but do you have any plans for the next year in your mind?

R: I think that some plans are slowly emerging, but we aren't yet sure if we are ready for it, do we really want to do something specific, so I think it would be better if it was a sweet secret.
G: We already have an outline of what we would like to do, but none of us really know what will bring us tomorrow. As for the competition: I really like this scene through long-term contact with it, but at the moment I do not feel the need to appear. Yes, I have not been on the stage for a long time, because for 2016… We'll see what the new year will bring.

D: Ruki thinks of Hizaki idol, she sees on he as "something." How's it with you, Glon? Do you have an idol?

G: *laught* The problem is that it's hard to amaze me. I rarely like a singer, actor or band member. Even so, when I started my adventure with Takarazuka, I saw an actress there, which is for me the motivation to act. Thanks Ruki, I even have a postcard with her straight from Takarazuka! Her behavior, acting on stage and her roles are so wonderful! Kaito Seijo, or Magee officially, unfortunately, is no longer an actress Takarazuka, but I can still admire her on Instagram and in the recordings of performances. This is the only person I love and when I see her, I scream in the middle like a small child. Even now, at the mere mention of her, I started to smile like a stupid, reminding myself of the passage from „The Merry Widow”, where she played it so that the other actress had to cover herself with a fan because she laughed. In total, I would do it too. I'm sorry, but when the subject of the idol is discussed, when I talk about Magee, I'm really locaqlious. *laught*

D: Girls, we talked about costumes, idols, tell something about yourself. Who are you everyday?

G:  I am a student who is learning in the field of logistics techniques, this year I have to write my last qualification, to get the full title and finally I can tell this direction bye, bye! I know that it has nothing to do with cosplay and more artistic aspects of me, but it has happened. *laught* You can say that during the day, the logistics, and at night a cosplayer.
R: Everyday? I guess nobody special. *laught* It seems to me that I rather mix with the crowd everyday. I'm a fairly calm person who doesn't talk much about himself. I study Japanese and now I am thinking about a music school after completing my BA, but that's still unknown. In addition to cosplay, I'm interested in theater, music and Japanese fashion. In the future, I would love to have my own company and sew lolita-type dresses.

D: Do you have any beloved events that you always go to? Not only as organizers, what happened to you, or participants, but just as cosplayers.  Which events are particularly memorable to you?

R: Hmm, I don't know if I have any favorite event, but the one I've always been driving for three years is Japanicon. I know that I can meet many friends there and support them in competitions or other endeavors.
G: I think that the Great Cosplay Ball is the only such event that I would ride every year due to the costumes. Because I like outfits from the eighteenth century, I can enjoy it. As for the convents, I liked to ride them, and now it is rare. I used to be an assistant to the storage department in the convent, because at the same time I wanted to fulfill myself as a logistician- I prefer practice much more than theory. This year, thanks to my recent professional qualification, I will be able to organize mass events, but we will see what will come out of it, because we know that it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of work. The last time I was at the convent as a cosplayer, it was maybe a year ago, when a friend pulled me to Warsaw on ComicCon, but since then I go to sessions and go to the city only for materials. Perhaps the funniest thing that happened to me is how the two ladies during the session, hearing my voice, said, "Hey, this is a woman." As you can see, when I speak, the magic splashes. *laught* The only event that fell in my heart when I got the first place at the Magnificon for André's uniform - I didn't expect that. And very nice words from the jurors. Costume André was a challenge for me and throwing myself in deep water, because I never made such a detailed outfit.

D: This is the whole secret of cosplay, not to let you know that you aren't what you look like. Recent questions on the list that lead us to the end of the interview: what are your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve yet?

G: In life? I would like to finish the logistics, and then get on with the computer graphics, and then, if time allows, then for the photograph. Later I will probably work and who knows, maybe there will be plans for a company? Maybe Ruki will hire me and I will not have to send out my CVs to other companies? *laught* And in cosplay? Hmm, I would like to try my hand at the represent, but it's when I feel that I am ready for it and when my outfit will be my eye in my head. What would I like to achieve? I think there are many things like that, but it must happen by the time I'm probably sure of the place where I will stand.
R: This is really an extremely difficult question. I would like to improve myself a bit. I know that there are no perfect people in the world and each of us has flaws. But nevertheless, I would like to become a calmer and less critical person when it comes to attitudes towards myself.
After I finish the adventure with Japanese, I would like to get to the aforementioned music academy in order to be able to fulfill my dreams a bit and open myself to people. And when it comes to cosplay, I would like to show myself on stage because recently I came to the conclusion that history repeats itself. Many times it happened that I worked on my costumes for a very long time, and then he was lying in the closet and just looking nice. So for sure next year I will apply for elimination in a few competitions. *smile*

D: You think that you can deal with it yourself, do you have any outside support?

G: My great support at the beginning, when I started cosplaying, was my aunt, who always said I would sew and not care about others, especially negative comments. I think that if she saw how her words helped me, she would be happy with me with every new outfit and performance. Surely, parents and friends who are in some way believing in us will be a great support.
R: I usually try to manage myself, but my mother Glonik and Shironi are really great support for me. I'm not sure what I'm doing, I've never been, and their support is most important to me. Without it, I would not be able to do what I do.

D: My questions have already run out, maybe you have something to tell readers?

G: You have to believe in yourself, not in the words of others, have your opinion about something and try to be honest with yourself and others. Cosplay is only fun, which is to be something joyful. Everyone wants to achieve something in life, so let's try not to put foot logs on anyone, because sometimes they can come back like a boomerang. I think teamwork is something that is appreciated. You know, some are good in scenes, others in costumes, and others in armor and props. And of course, it isn't so that making armor is more difficult than sewing and vice versa, both are equally. Both are just as costly and they need a lot of time depending on the project, so I say, as you say during every election, miss: peace in the world in the cosplay community! * laughs * Damn, as usual I have to babble …
R: I would just like to say that I really appreciate people who devote their hearts to costumes, who can stand it for more than a week and finish all the details in every degree. I appreciate the work of others very much and I would like to meet more and more people like that.
G: I agree with Ruks. *laugh*