Konwenty Południowe - Interview: Hall of Fame Cosplay - Akemi Cosplay

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Name: Patrycja Biesiadecka
Nick: Akemi
Age: 19
Fanpage: Akemi Cosplay
City: Jastrzębie Zdrój
Himetsu: How was your nickname created?

Akemi: In total, it was created by accident. A friend invented it for me a long time ago and it was accepted.

H: When was the first time you heard about cosplay?

A: I don't really remember, but it started to interest me in general at the end of 2012, I wanted to try it myself in 2013, when I saw wonderful cosplayers on my first convention, Magnificon.

H: Your first cosplay - did you do it alone or with some help?

A: I didn't make my first cosplay alone. At that time I was green as grass in this topic.

H: What was your biggest project?

A: Hatter from Alice! And I'm very proud of him. ❤

H: How long have you been interested in and doing cosplay?

A: I have been dealing with cosplay since the second half holidays of 2013 and it is rather a hobby, but thanks to that I know what I want to do in my life. I'm already in my second year of vocational school, I'm educated in the profession of a tailor. Thanks to cosplay I loved sewing and now I know that it is something that I want to know and do in my life.

H: Is there anyone who inspires you to work on costumes?

A: No one really, but I really admire the work of various cosplaye

H: Do you own the one that is your favorite among the costumes you've made?

A: All the outfits I do, I really like, I couldn't choose this one.trafiłabym wybrać tego jednego. 

H: Which cosplay do you associate the most important memories with? Why?

A: I associate some great memories with the majority of my costumes. When I was Draco, I met many cosplayers from the Harry Potter series, including my friends. It was the same with Alice from the "Pandora Hearts" series. Thanks to joining Asu and Miku, we create trio on Omnomnom Cosplay Team. When I was a Hatter, the small children on the trip and passing nearby waved and shouted: "Hatter!" - it was nice.

H: How did you find the time for cosplay during the school year?

A: Then I have very little, unfortunately. When I come back home, the haberdashery is already closed or I'm dead or I have to study for school. Sometimes on practices, when they are loose, I sew there. And there are still weekends.

H: Do you participate in contests? If so, have you won anything?

A: On the jury round, I was only once, stressed - my costume was underdeveloped and I hated him mainly, I complained, what I did wrong. I perform to have a good time, but for a few months I have been making a outfit with which I want to go to the mark (Lelouch, the emperor's version). With the group, we once won a group performance, but in fact I joined them for the last moment.

H: What do you think about cosplay in Poland?

A: I think that there are more and more talented people and the cosplay hobby is growing. I'm also happy that many people make characters from cartoons, movies, games, not only from anime.

H: What are your favorite characters that you played or want to create?

A: Until recently I did not know, because I love all my cosplayes very much, but when I made Sherlock, it became so special to me. I now can say that my "golden trinity" is: Sherlock, Draco Malfoy and Hatter. In my cosplay dreams now is Newton Scamander from "Fantastic Animals", Jocker from "Suicide Legion", and Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean".

H: Do you have any fears when you go on stage?

A: I have every time. I'm afraid I'll forget what to do, things that I have to raise, for example, won't be where they should be and that I won't play with the undercoat or that the person with whom I have a stage will do something that wasn't in the plan and I will have to improvise.

H: What can you say about posing? Among photographers, do you have this one favorite?

A: Sometimes I quickly finish my ideas when it comes to posing, then the photographer comes to help me, but all in all it's very easy for me to think about posing to others when I look at the sessions. My favorite and the greatest photographer is Negai Kirameki Fotografia

H: In your opinion, photographers taking photos of the panties, unaware of these girls should they be admitted to conventions, should they be allowed to ban them and not let them in?

A: They should be reprimanded in some way, and the prohibition should be granted to those who admit too much because they also hear about them. I had this situation at the convent, I went to convince one girl to take a photo with her friend, but she didn't want to, because she was afraid of the photographer.

H: Doesn't it work so that perverts do bad advertising to these normal photographers?

A: No, can't judge the whole by someone's behavior.

H: Honestly, since I know you, I think you almost always have a scene, but everyone needs a break.

A: I like scenes, but sometimes it is too much stress, especially on Xmass.
I didn't want to disappoint the groups and that's why I had three scenes.

H: Are there any movies that inspire you to do cosplay?

A: There are many of them. Mainly the ones that Tim Burton directed, or those in which Johnny Depp played.

H: Do you plan to cosplays from these movies?

A: Sure!

H: I hope that we will see you as Willy Wonka soon. See you!