Konwenty Południowe - Cosplayer - Miko

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Name: Katarzyna Skonecka
Nick: Miko
Age: 18
From: Poznań
Website: Miko cosplay

Mitsu: When was the first time you came across cosplay?

Miko: The first encounter with cosplay was in the summer of 2012, but these were only clothes from the wardrobe and a wig, typically from Chinese shop. I made my first cosplay only in March 2013 :)

Mitsu: And what was the outfit?

Miko: Lena from Kagamine. The first real cosplay, and such a failing start with clothes from the wardrobe is 96Neko ;u;. Pictures of this creation will not see the light of day

Mitsu: Aj, everyone used to start! If you had to choose your favorite outfit, from all you have created so far, which one would it be? And why?

Miko: I think Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I made this costume in a month. No words can describe how much I struggled with him. It was certainly the biggest, most expensive and the most spectacular outfit I made. That's why I will not sell it quickly and it will remain my favorite for a long time: D

Mitsu: What do you like the most in creating costumes? What gives you the most fun, pleasure, etc. from your perspective?

Miko: It is definitely a very creative form of spending time. Allows you to grow and always do something different than everyone else. Sewing costumes, making accessories and putting on wigs is the greatest fun, and the greatest joy is appreciating your outfit by other people and loved ones ~

Mitsu: Certainly: D So you've been cosplaying for almost three years. What have you learned during this time? What is worth paying attention to, eg when assessing a jury or during a performance on stage?

Miko: I have been dealing with cosplay since March 2013, so I will be finishing my second year of activity. Generally, during these two years, I've learned to sew at all XD. I was sensitive to always leave excess (material, bristle), because as you miss it you are often in the middle. When assessing the costume, for sure the quality of workmanship, whether threads stick out, whether the outfit is not too big and how exactly it is mapped. Creative ingenuity and ambition count on the stage. The worst scenes that can be people running / walking / waving anything on stage, monotonous music and a lot of spoken scenes.

Mitsu: Do you have your cosplay authority? If so, who is it?

Miko: I have always admired Yuegene and Onnies, and from Poland I admire Shappi and Zel,however, it may sound selfish, but I focus on myself and try not to compare myself to others, because I know that it can be demotivating and discouraging to continue working (At least I have so often).

Mitsu: Is cosplay more a hobby or a job for you?

Miko: Hobby which turned into a kind of goal to be the best and I don't conceal that as I am too young to work and it is a way of making money for me.

Mitsu: So you are planning to still tie your nearest future with cosplay?

Miko: The most pleasant thing is when something is sewn up and it fits right away, how slowly it starts to resemble the original and when you can put everything on top of you in the end.

Mitsu: Tell us what events you will go in the future ;D!

Miko: Love, Koniko, Pyrkon, Wroclaw / Warsaw summer convents and maybe Japanicon ;3. Of these 4 convents at 100%: D

Mitsu: In that case, we wish you good luck in your further work and thank you for the interview! :D