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angry turtle

Angry Turtle

Game: Fallout 76
Country of origin: Polska
YouTube Channel: Angry Turtle





Most Fallout 76 players who are actively interested in new material about the game released on YouTube probably heard the name "Angry Turtle". How many of you, however, knew that the titular turtle hails from Poland? Do you know how his journey with the game started? These and many more questions are answered by the YouTuber in question in the interview below!


Alchelor: Hi! My first question is, most likely, going to be a bit predictable; how did your adventure with “Fallout” began? Was it “Fallout 76”, or did you, perhaps, play through some of the previous installments?

Angry Turtle: I’ve been playing the games for a long time. I started with “Fallout 2”, and then I moved onto “Fallout 1”. I’ve been a little disappointed by “Fallout Tactics”, and after that came the long wait for “Fallout 3”.

A: Speaking of that, how did “Fallout 3” compare to the earlier installments? Did Bethesda take the correct route, or do you thing that there was something that could have been done better?

AT: At the start, I feared that it’s just going to be an another, typical shooter, but after an hour or so of gameplay I found out that the overall climate and vibe of “Fallout” was preserved, and I still believe that “Fallout 3” is a good game. There is always room for improvement, then again you can say the same thing about every game.

A: We are currently faced with “Fallout 76”, which is the first official online version of the game. What were your first impressions after the announcement of the series taking such a turn?

AT: I was extremely excited. I’ve always wanted to experience “Fallout” with other fans.

A: So, you were all for the online release. Did you perhaps had any experience with FOnline, the fan project that included releasing “Fallout 1” and “Fallout 2” as an online multiplayer?

AT: No, I’ve never really heard about it.

A: I see. Did you start playing “Fallout 76” during the beta? The premiere? Or maybe a bit after that?

AT: I didn’t wait long; I bought “Fallout 76” during Black Friday (23.11.2018 – com. Red)

A: About a month after the premiere? That means you started early. Are you playing non-stop since then, or did you take any longer breaks from the bustle of the game?

AT: I’ve really only had one short break, maybe a week or so, when Vault 94 “ate” all of my inventory.

A: That was about a year ago, right? You started recording videos for your channel around that time. Your very first video was about the fact that you can, in fact, lose everything in Vault 94. Was that what pushed you towards creating guides and fun fact compilations on the topic of “Fallout 76”?

AT: Yeah, that’s pretty much what pushed me towards “learning” YouTube. I’ve later recorded a video about my character build that became pretty popular. That’s when I decided to put more work into developing my channel. Then again, it was a good excuse for playing “Fallout” so much :)

A: Right, your videos got popular quickly, and today, most of gamers recognize “The Angry Turtle.” :-) While we’re on the topic; why “Angry Turtle”? Is there any meaning behind the name, any story?

AT: There is, actually. Back in the day I played quite a bit of League of Legends, and one of pro gamers that I watched was called “Wild Turtle”. Aside from that, I also had a pet turtle for 20 years. Mitzee was the one who recommended the “Angry” part since I was very hard to tick off, and that’s where the name came from! The Angry is a bit of a joke, as you can see.

A: It’s a bit like calling bald people “Shaggy” :-) Does that mean that you’ve known Mitzee for a while now? Did you start playing together, or is she a recent resident of the “Fallout 76” fanbase?

AT: We started playing together, yes, but Mitzee took a longer break after the Vault 94 incident. And as for knowing her, I do know her for a long time. After all we got married in 2013.

A: Mitzee’s your wife then! Congratulations! Playing together must be an amazing experience, and the joy of playing must me exponentially larger as well. What is your occupation? Aside from making YouTube videos, of course.

AT: I’m not doing anything special, really. I’m an operator for a automobile assembly machine.

A: As far as I understand, you live outside of the Polish border, but you speak fluent Polish. Are you a native Pole who moved abroad, or perhaps some members of your family are Poles?

AT: I’m Polish, but I moved abroad almost 10 years ago.

A: That’s a good chunk of time! Do you visit Poland from time to time?

AT: Yes, I usually visit once every two years.

A: Soon, one the biggest patch up to date will be implemented into “Fallout 76”; then again, at the moment of this interview’s publication One Wasteland might already be released. Watching your videos, one could easily assume that you are very positive about the upcoming changes. Do you think that there is a chance for a future fix of most of the bugs and errors within the game, or are we eternally doomed to deal with them?

AT: I don’t think that you can fix everything, but the developers are on the correct path to fix what’s most important.

A: Then, as we are heading towards the end of the interview, please tell us, if playing “Fallout 76” is worth it, and if so, why?

AT: You should definitely play it. The problems which still await fixing aside, it’s still “Fallout”. The in-game world is incredible and well-worth exploring, and most of the players are real fans of the franchise, which means that we can experience something completely different than your run-of-the-mill MMO. The ambiance and vibe of “Fallout” is irreplaceable. Nuka Cola, Vault Tec, PIP Boy; this combination makes you feel like you’ve entered a new, completely engaging universe.

A: I couldn’t agree more. Would you like convey anything to the readers, from the heart?

AT: The most important principle of enjoying video games is to never trust reviews fully. One game might get a 10/10 from the critics and the players, yet you hate it. Another game – like, in my case, “Fallout” – might get a 5, sometimes a 6, but it brings you a lot of joy and fun. I just want to tell everyone: don’t mind what other people say. Everyone is technically right, since it’s a matter of personal likes and dislikes, but the most important fact in all of this is what gives you a sense of joy.

A: That’s definitely a helpful tip. It’s better to check something out yourself and verify the online claims, and treat the reviews as tips. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, and I hope to see you sun on another one of your videos, or in the game itself!

AT: Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a part of this interview, the pleasure is all mine, and see you in-game!