Kolejne niechciane wyskakujące okienko, jednak Unia Europejska wymaga od nas, byśmy poinformowali Cię o wykorzystywaniu i zjadaniu twoich ciasteczek (cookies) oraz wykorzystywaniu Twoich super tajnych danych. Robimy to tylko po to, by zwiększyć komfort i funkcjonalność portalu oraz dlatego, że jesteśmy głodni i lubimy ciasteczka. Zgodnie więc z Polityka Prywatności, czuj się poinformowany nasz drogi użytkowniku.

Portal 10 LARP Conference

Portal 10 LARP Conference - Konwenty Południowe
24.06.2022 - 26.06.2022
Kraków, Sokolska 13 (Podgórskie Centrum Kultury)
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🧭 We celebrate diversity and invite all larpers from North, East, South, West, to share their approaches, styles, cultures, and cardinal directions of larping.
🧭 We don’t strive to be a compass that shows the right direction but a wind rose that showcases all the directions at the same time. There are no rights or wrongs in larping - only aspects we enjoy more or less and already know, and aspects that are a mystery.
🎭 Lectures, workshops and discussions
🎭 City larps and chamber larps
🎭 Crafting corner, chillout zone, integration parties
🔸 Free entrance
🔸 Contribute as speaker or volunteer
🔸 Register now!
10th Portal’s keystones
🔹 larp structure
🔹 story, plot, narrative
🔹 creating characters and relationships
🔹 mechanics and meta techniques
🔹 workshops
🔹 debrief, derolling, and decompression
🔹 digital tools
🔹 grassroot game design

🔹 education and learning
🔹 larp for change
🔹 personal empowerment
🔹 accessibility and inclusiveness
🔹 business
🔹 collaboration with other fields
🔹 designing larp community

🔹 scenography and sound
🔹 costumes and props
🔹 SFX (special effects)
🔹 funding, finances, sponsorship
🔹 communication and crisis management
🔹 teambuilding and working with NPCs
🔹 food and accommodation
🔹 safety and consent

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